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Hi Friends!

It’s been a long couple of weeks months and this post is way over due.

Friends its Foodie Pen Pal time! 🙂


My package apparently arrived on the 27th and until I opened my mailbox (yesterday) I didn’t see the UPS note.

Since when do they return packages back to the post office? I’ve always had them turned into the clubhouse, but at this point I expect nothing less.

This morning as soon as I got out of class I rushed to the post office to retrieve my package.

The anticipation was killing me!

As soon as I got home I ripped open the box to reveal all the goodies.

My foodie pen pal is Veronica Golden from Massachusetts. She’s a lovely historian and the theme of the package was regional. Everything inside was locally “grown” from a little historian village.

Inside I found:

* A very sweet detailed letter explaining each item

*Mother’s Maple Pumpkin Butter (this was the first thing I dug into)

I LOVE seasonal food items!

*Home Made Hickory Smoked Gourmet Almonds

* 3 Vermont Smoke and Cure “Real Sticks” without hormone or perservatives

* Handmade Pure Beeswax Birthday Candles (so pretty)

The pumpkin butter was amazing and I cant wait to try it on EVERYTHING!

I’m so excited to try the rest of the items and I plan on using the candles for my birthday in December.

This was such a great first time foodie pal experience and I’m so lucky to of had such thoughtful items from a thoughtful person! Be sure to check out her blog as well as the foodie pen pal program! 🙂

By Becca

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