Still Searching For That Balance

Hey Everyone!

I have not written an updated blog for quite some time now and to be honest I’ve really missed it.

Life has been really crazy this summer with two classes, a full-time internship and Starbucks. (It’s going on eight years at Starbucks..time to graduate already!)

Over the spring I trained hard for my first half marathon, and on June 3rd I ran in the Sunburst Race on Notre Campus. My goal was to finish under two hours and I finished at 1:55. Finishing this race gave me such a sense of achievement, self-worth, and motivation to continue running. Running gives me the escape I need from all the chaos in life and I just love being physically active.

I also started interning at Purdue’s Ismail Center, the staff and graduate gym on campus. I am a facility manager and Silver Sneaker Fitness Instructor.
I sometime work 13 hour days and then train for my races at night. Life has really been crazy and exercise is the least of my worries, but my eating habits have really been offset. I eat a clean and healthy diet about 80% of the time but my problem is over consumption of these healthy foods. Believe me, it does happen!

I really need to get in check with myself and stop binging at night. Binging in general no matter what kind of food is not a healthy way to eat and leads to unsettling thoughts and emotions. I really need to find a balance.

I have maintained my weight for the last couple of months but I’d really like to drop some more body fat. I’m not so concerned with my numbers but more so my appearance. I have the tools, the mindset, and the education to be successful and now I just need to follow through.

Wanna know something exciting?

Regardless of my crazy schedule I decided today to sign up for my first FULL MARATHON! This upcoming January I will be running in the Carlsbad Marathon in California and I can not even contain my excitement! I’ve made this commitment and I plan on sticking to it so the least I could do is feed my body with the rights foods at the right times.

How was your summer? Not long enough?

Any goals or commitments you have coming up?

What are your thoughts on calorie counting? (I hate this mindset)

Click the comment bubble at the top to give me your thoughts 🙂

Thanks Friends ❤ Xoxo

By Becca

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