Raw Agave Almond Butter

I have been wanting to make raw almond butter for a long time and with my new food processor I decided to get it a try.

Raw. Simple. Delicious.


  11.5 ounce container of unsalted almonds (salted optional)

2 Tb. Agave

Yup, that’s it kids just those two ingredients. 🙂

Start by dumping in the entire container of almonds into your food processor. Leave out agave until the end.

Keep in mind that while the ingredients are simple the entire  process takes about 30 minutes.

LOTS of blending with occasionally scraping down the sides of the food processor. Turn on the processor once almonds are added and away they go!

This is about half way through. 15 minutes

You’ll notice a flour type substance that the almonds start to create, continue  to scrape down the sides of the food processor and then back to blending.

Eventually you will get a liquified substance.  30 minutes

Now look how easy that was! 😉

Scrape down the food processor and add almond butter to original container.

You can now stir in agave and enjoy.

This was so tasty but very addicting! The serving size is  2 Tb. for the same nutritional information on the side of the container (about 1 oz of raw almonds). 5 points plus

By Becca

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