Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Truffles!

It’s a chocolate kind of day.

Today was filled with more cleaning and running around Purdue’s campus. It was defiantly a chocolate kind of day.

My chocolate filled day consisted of Joe’s Organic Cocoa coffee, a Rabbit brand organic chocolate cherry bar, Cocoa Cassava bar, and these yummy Gluten free Dairy free truffles I made.

Talk about an overload of chocolate (sarcasm). For me that’s definitely not possible! ūüôā

Did you know that if you crave chocolate you may be low on magnesium? Just a little FYI


After lurking around the Vitamin Shoppe for 45 minutes I can across this new product:

Then of course when I got home I had to test it out.

Remember those Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls? Well, those inspired me to come up with this recipe:

Chia Goodness Chocolate Truffles

(Gluten and Dairy free)


1/3 cup of Oat flour (or any other flour)

4 Tb. Chia Goodness Chocolate

4 Tb. Rice Milk (or any other milk)

2 Tb. Cocoa

1 Tb. Stevia (or other sugar)

1 Tb. Agave’ (or honey)

4 dr0ps of Vanilla Stevia (or 1/4 tsp vanilla)

1/4 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp salt


Mix everything with kitchen aid mixer or electric beater. You should get a sticky batter.

Once the batter is complete roll out 10 balls about a table spoon in size.

I have a kitchen scale that weighed the dough at 5.6 grams total weight. Divide by 10  and the balls should weigh around .5 grams

Mine weighed in between .4 and .6 grams which made around 12 balls

Serving size: 1 truffle

Amount per serving: 10 truffles


calories  fat   fiber  protein  carbs 

49      1.8     1.5     1.5      7.7

1 ww point per truffle

These are soooooo good! I threw them in the freezer and plan to eat¬† them whole or throw them on top of my Dairy free Gluten free Tofu pudding. Maybe ill share with friends. ūüėČ


By Becca

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