Light Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Pizza

159 Calories of Pure Deliciousness

After tonight’s dinner I had a little sweet tooth and came up with this wonderful recipe.

I’m sure everyone’s heard of dessert pizza, but wait until you try this!

Mmm my mouth is watering!

Light Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Pizza

  2 Servings: 318 calorie total

    1 Serving: 159 calories



2 Flat Out Multi-Grain with flax flat breads 200 cal.


1/2 cup raspberries(or any berry) 30 calories

Fudge Sauce

1 Tb Oat Milk (or milk sub.) 8 calories

2 Tb Cocoa Powder 20 calories

1 Tb Agave’ 60 calories

6 drops of Vanilla Creme’ Stevia (or 1/4 tsp Van.) 0 calories


Pre- heat oven to 400 degrees. Spray cookie sheet and place both flat breads on top. Bake in the oven for 3 minutes, and then flip flat breads and bake for another 3 minutes.

Watch to prevent burning!

While baking, start fudge sauce by measuring  2 Tb of Cocoa powder, and place in a small bowl.

Next place 1 Tb of Agave’ and then 1 Tb of milk in same bowl. Stir generously until all is mixed.

Then stir in vanilla.

When the timer goes off a second time remove flat breads from oven and place some where to cool.

Then take your fudge mixture and apply to both flat breads spreading it out evenly.

Lastly, place fruit onto fudge mixture.

Then devour!


By Becca

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