Let the Journey Begin

YAY!!!! Celebrate good times come on… anyone?

It’s my very first blog and I am super excited. My hopes are that I can blog daily about foods I eat, recipes, fitness, and ways to improve your lifestyle.  So who’s with me?!?!  Here we go…

Today was the start of a new semester and that means new classes.  I’m completely thrilled for a new year, especially after conquering the epidemiology course last semester (not fun).

  As far as my eating plan:

I woke up at 7:00am and enjoyed some black coffee, 3 egg whites, 1/2 cup of oatmeal 1/4 cup raspberries, 1TB Chia Seeds

I also started taking my Vitamins today 🙂

Today was the first day I tried the Chia seeds and OMG YUM!!! Tomorrow’s Post will Cover those bad boys

CHCHCH CHIA! Lol.. moving on

Around 11am I had a sandwich with some New Owns bread and 3 slices of Turkey.  I know not very much, but I was kind of in a hurry this morning so I slabbed together something last-minute. I’ll try to do better!

Then back at  home I enjoyed some carrots and hummus. Mmmm LOVE this Hummus! It has half the fat and twice the protein of others.

After a little snack I decided to go for a little run : 5.2 Mile run to be exact 🙂

up hill and down hill.. not so-> 🙂 more like-> : (

Before I started I had a little photo session in my apartment. Feel free to judge but there WILL be more to come 😉

Look Mom! I wore the new work out clothes you got me. LOL and yes that’s my Cheetah/ Zebra bedspread.

Like I said… feel free to judge.

Put your back into it…

Not so smiley after the run, but I did enjoy my naked coconut water.

Mmmm yummy! Dinner time was soon to follow and tonight’s menu was Broccoli Slaw with BBQ and Chicken.

Stuft Mama (who has an AMAZING blog) came up with this Broccoli Slaw Phenomenon, and I altered it with some of Patty Bells All Natural BBQ sauce.

It’s super easy to make:

1 Bag of Broccoli Slaw

1/4 cup of BBQ or Marinara

5oz Chicken with garlic and black pepper

1TB Parmesan Cheese

1TB Garlic Powder


Saute Broccoli Slaw on stop top and then mix in BBQ until slaw softens

Add Cooked Chicken, garlic, and garnish with parm

WOW is all I can say, I mean just look at it!  You can also add spinach and other vegetables.


Hey! How did a Vita Corn Muffin get in there?!?!

Lets just say dinner was eaten devoured rather quickly, and for dessert I had a Chocolate Vita Top.

I usually never eat more then one a day, but I had a few extra weight watcher points to get rid of.  But there was that one time I ordered a Vita Sample Pack with about 30 tops, and finished it in a week. Yes, not my proudest moment.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to eat more fruit, and space out meals better.

 Perhaps I should mention that I’m currently on Weight Watchers. I have about 10 pounds to loose and I was looking for a more structured lifestyle which Weight Watchers has given me. The recipes are outstanding and most of my recipes are Weight Watcher inspired. I get 26 points a day and 40 plus points a week. For more information Click on the Weight Watcher link.

So with all of that said…

I have to go clean a messy kitchen and a messy room.

And try to get to bed soon!!!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to find out more about the Yoga Classes through Purdue, and finish some last minute errands.

Have a good night everyone!

By Becca

2 comments on “Let the Journey Begin

    • Thank you for such kind words Jean. 🙂
      You have such a kind and thoughtful spirit, and look absolutely fabulous!
      Hope you enjoy the blog.
      Love always ❤

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